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✅ CONVENIENT: No Class Times. No Appointments. Walk-in and work out with a trainer whenever you want.

✅  QUICK: Get back to your routine after a 30 minutes of amazing workout.

✅ EFFICIENT: Our full-body HIIT circuit is fun, , efficient and changes every day. Trainers at ALL TIMES

✅ NUTRITION PLAN: Tailored nutrition plan to help you reach your goals. + grocery shopping lists, cookbook, restaurant guide, travel guide and meal prep instructions.

✅ ACCOUNTABILITY: Our trainers will never give up on you. you will receive weekly calls and texts from your accountability coach, weekly check-ins, weekly weight-ins, group support in a dedicated Facebook group, trainer encouragement during the workouts and extra motivation and support from all the other current and past challengers

Valley Park


 Warson Woods COMING SOON

How do we do it so successfully every time?

Introducing the 3 Pillars of Sucess


New Workouts Everyday
30 Minutes
Heart Rate Monitoring Technology
Trainers at All Times
New Workouts Everyday
Video Display

Tailored Nutrition Plan
 Grocery List Maker
Meal Prep Instructions
Recipe Books
Virtual Cookbook
Restaurant Guide
Travel Guide


Direct Line of Contact with an Accountability coach
Weekly Check-ins
Weekly Weight-ins
Facebook Private group

Find out how you can get all of this for FREE

PS – If you’re anything like us, you just skipped to the end. So here’s the scoop – we want to train you for free as long as you’re willing to put some skin in the game and actually show up and do your part, giving 100%.

⚠️**Spoiler Alert** ⚠️

Most people stay because they love us so much – you’ve been warned!

Valley Park


 Warson Woods COMING SOON


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Eligibility: New clients only. Must live or work within a 10 mile radius of the fitness facility. Must be medically cleared and healthy enough for exercise. This program is not intended to treat or prevent any type of disease. Participant must be available to workout at the fitness facility 3 times per week for 6 weeks-42 Days during hours of operation.

Terms and Conditions: Participation is not guaranteed. By clicking above, candidate secures an appointment at an orientation, where candidate will learn the philosophy and process of the program, as well as what is expected of a participant during the challenge, and will have an opportunity to secure a final spot in the challenge group at that time. Enrollment in the program may require an accountability deposit, which will be credited towards a membership plan upon successful completion of the program and after the participant has provided before and after pictures, online reviews, and completed all other requirements of the program agreement..