Start in our Warm Up area to prepare your body and mind. 

You may choose the warm up that suits you or follow our suggested exercises.

You may choose to warm up for 2 min or 10 min, that is up to you .

Jump in when you’re ready

STATION 1 – 12 (Exercises Change Daily)


Each station lasts 2 minutes, allowing you to maximize every rotation and giving it your highest level of intensity.

Our trainers will supervise your every move and guide you through 30 seconds of active recovery between each station (that’s right, recovery does not mean standing in place).

They will also supervise your heart rate and calorie count and throw fun challenges at you along the way

Our stations Include, Plyometrics, Rowing Machine, Air Bike, Boxing, Kickboxing, Free Weights, Medicine Ball, Kettlebells and other Functional Training Equipment


Bonus round (Station 13)

You will burn  400-800 calories in 30 min throughout our 12 stations. If you feel you can handle a little more, take on our Daily Bonus Round Challenge.



This will be a true test to your willingness to push yourself further. This exercise will change everyday but its outcome won’t:



 EXELFIT is unlike anything you’ve ever done before. Whether you are a devoted exercise enthusiast or just want to get back in shape, EXELFIT is perfect for any fitness level. With EXELFIT you will:
  • Reach fitness levels you never thought possible
  • Gain strength and stamina
  • Develop new functional skills to help you support your day-to-day activities
  • Calibrate your system (mood, stress, sleep, stamina)
  • Increase flexibility and range of motion
  • Feel your best and find your confidence


Join the movement and change your life today

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