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Trying to figure out what a “Run Squat 180 Jump Switch” looks like is complicated. But looking at a live demonstration is not.

Video demonstrations are provided for each exercise at every station so you exactly what and how to do it.


Workout whenever you want with full 24/7 access. In addition, you still receive the benefits of supervised fitness training by one of our exceptional trainers during staffed hours.


Our Personal trainers will oversee your form, guide you through your entire workout, motivate you to dig deeper and make sure you are comfortable at all times.

Above all, they are Included in our most basic plan.


Different exercises can have very different effects on the body, depending on your fitness level, and the intensity and duration of the movement. Therefore, we use heart rate data to track your progress, and make sure you hit the highs and lows of a well-rounded HIIT workout


Workout more efficiently with access to the most comprehensive mobile application that includes, exercises, challenges, done for you workout, progress tracking, nutrition plan, nutrition tracking and much more content.

Sculpt And Tone Workout


In conclusion, EXELFIT is unlike any workout you’ve ever done before. Whether you are a devoted exercise enthusiast or just want to get back in shape, EXELFIT is perfect for any fitness level. You will:

✔ Reach fitness levels you never thought possible
✔Gain strength and stamina
✔ Perform better on your day to day activities
✔Calibrate your system (mood, stress, sleep, stamina)
✔ Increase flexibility and range of motion
✔ Feel your best and find your confidence


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“Exelfit” was founded with technical spirit and a lofty objective: to be a “go-to” brand in providing one-stop complete fitness needs for men and women, while leading the way in creating great experiences by offering full-time interval training circuit to help people reach their full potential. We believe in the transformative power of interval training circuits to get you leaner and stronger in 30 minutes and its ability to create top-notch fitness, elevate your life experiences, engage and inspire people.
Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple; we envisioned the fitness industry where technicality in terms of availability, instructions, materials, and price will supersede the current schedule/high price-dictate market in choosing fitness and workouts. With that, an opportunity was spotted and we seek to fill the space professionally and most importantly, at a price that will not leave the wallet bare.
When Exelfit opened its first doors in 2018, we innovatively changed the way people do fitness with our meticulous ‘smart workout’ system. We are gradually achieving our objectives by offering new workout every day, 24/7 access, extra contents, and services at no extra cost, accountability through weekly outreach and tasks and today, Exelfit has successfully carved a niche for itself as a first choice place for desirable fast result-driven fitness.


We are a 24/7 access interval training studio designed to help clients get leaner and stronger in 30 minutes.

Along with the creation of this great fitness company, we strategically created exciting and innovative extra contents and services (heart rate monitor tracking, weigh-in scan scale, nutrition, supplements, recipes, mobile app etc), extra complete supports- weight loss/management, Resistance training, Toning and sculpting, muscle building, mobility/flexibility, as well as nutritional advice.

To crown it all, we have certified in-house trainers for fast and better results.

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