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Functional Circuit Training workout whenever you want

 EXELFIT offers 24/7 access to a done for you interval training circuit to get you leaner and stronger in 30 minutes.

If you’re ready to change your opinion of fitness, EXELFIT has you covered. We believe a workout should be fun and efficient — and that’s the Exelfit blueprint. In 30 minutes, you go through 12 rounds; 2 minutes of work, 30 seconds of rest.

Our workouts change every day, and each one combines elements of cycling, boxing, kickboxing, rowing, cross-training, and plyometrics. These are all functional training exercises — meaning that while you’re toning up and slimming down, you will also be increasing your overall physical abilities and daily functioning. Think more energy, flexibility, strength, and stamina to carry you through your daily life.

Our personal trainers know how to work with all fitness levels, and they make sure you push yourself, feel the burn, preserve your energy throughout, and take time to recover.

It’s time to experience a whole new kind of workout — every minute counts in the EXELFIT studio. Let’s crush it 

What Makes us Different


 ✔ Unlimited Trainer Access

 ✔ 24/7 Unlimited Access

 ✔ No Classes to Sign up for

 ✔ New Workouts Daily

 ✔ Heart Rate Tracking Technology

✔ Results in 30 Minutes 

 ✔ Incredible Mobile App


Coaches Who Care


 Every one of our personal trainer brings their own style and experience to the Exelfit Fam, but what they all share is passion — for fitness and wellness, for our members and their goals, and for the opportunity to continue changing the fitness world with a smarter, more efficient workout program


- Fitness Programming

- Personal Training

- Accountability

- Nutrition

- Transformation

- Supplementation

- Online Support

- Community

The workout

warm up and ready to exercise



Start in our Warm Up area to prepare your body and mind. You may choose the warm up that suits you or follow our suggested exercises. You may choose to warm up for 2 min or 10 min, that is up to you.

12 stations of boxing, kickboxing, rowing, biking, free weights, kettle bell, jump boxes


Each station lasts 2 minutes, allowing you to maximize every rotation and giving it your highest level of intensity. It is followed by 30 seconds of recovery to get your body and mind ready for the next station.


12 stations of boxing, kickboxing, rowing, biking, free weights, kettle bell, jump boxes


 You will burn 400-800 calories in 30 min throughout our 12 stations. If you feel you can handle a little more, take on our Daily Bonus Round Challenge 



Our Locations

Valley Park


2961 Dougherty Ferry road

Saint Louis, MO, 63122



Warson Woods


9905 Manchester road

Saint Louis, MO



21 Day for $21

Come experience EXELFIT and workout with our Personal Trainers for $1 per day


What is EXELFIT?


EXELFIT is a 24 hour fitness studio that includes a Personal Trainer who primarily focuses on functional training. This means we offer a variety of exercises that help you be in better shape but more specifically, help you handle everyday tasks better. We are not about having bigger muscles or reaching an unhealthy and unsustainable Body Mass Index (BMI). We are about feeling good, looking good and performing better everywhere in your day to day activity.

We provide you with the tools you need to be in the shape you desire

How do you accomplish such results?


We use the following tools to make you feel comfortable, take the hassle away and offer the most efficient and effective workout:

Heart rate monitoring technologies

Amazing trainers

New Daily Exercises

Functional training tools

Interval training 

24 hour fitness


You will experience the most entertaining and challenging Workout in just 30 minutes

How else?


We provide our customer a STRUCTURED environment, backed by supervision and motivation. We give you the tools to stay motivated through fun, yet challenging activities, such as, boxing, kickboxing, biking, rowing machine, free weights, etc and under the supervision of a personal trainer.

Our Workouts change everyday to maximize performance, fight off plateaus and keep things entertaining. We are a 24 hour fitness facility

Am I required to have a certain level of fitness?


Absolutely Not.

We want you as you are. Furthermore, we want you as you want to be. Every exercise is tailored to you regardless of your fitness level.

Our trainers will:

help you acquire the proper form and mastery of any exercise

Modify any exercise you feel may not suit you

Furthermore, our system’s success is based on one simple factor: Doing your best is always enough

Do I need experience with Boxing/Kickboxing


Absolutely not.

Our Personal Trainers are here to help you with the basics of it. This won’t be about developing the perfect technique or learning to fight. It is ONLY about using the amazing benefits of training like a boxer or kickboxer along with other Functional Training exercises.

It is a 24 hour fitness studio that is highly efficient and fun

Do I need to make an appointment or sign up for classes?

 No. You can come in anytime you want during our staffed hours to work with our trainers or you can follow our guided circuit 24/7, whenever you want. Our trainers are always on site ready to supervise your workouts or run you through your one time 

What should I wear?


Whatever you are comfortable working out in

A change of clothes and towel (YES WE DO HAVE SHOWERS)

A heart rate monitor (you can buy ours at a great price)

Boxing Gloves (you can buy ours at a great price)

A positive attitude

Why A Smarter Workout?


EXELFIT uses Functional training, interval training, video support and heart rate monitors to bring you the most effective workout.

Functional training uses entertaining activities such as boxing, biking etc to help you be stronger, faster and better at everything you do, whether it is a hobby (paddle, tennis) or day to day tasks (bringing your child up a flight of stairs).

Interval training is the most efficient way to exercise and burns more calories per minutes than any other system

Our 24 hour fitness studio comes with unlimited personal trainer supervision and explicit video displays. Our videos will show you what to do and how to do it so you never have to worry about what’s next

Our state of the art heart rate monitors help you stay in your most effective workout zone

OH and yes TRAINERS are always included in your session during Staffed hours- That's 45hrs a week of Training

Is that it?


EXELFIT offers so much more..

We provide everything you could ever need from:

- nutrition

- recipes

- mobile application

- workout tracking technology

- exercise programming

- transformation challenges

- supplements

How do I find it all out?

Click on the button below, come try us out or schedule a time to chat on the phone.

Our Personal Trainers look forward to meet you and help you start a new fitness journey.